In woodworking, a boring machine is used to drill holes in various pieces of woodwork. In some situations, boring machines are used to drill entirely new holes, while in other cases they are used to deepen or expand pre-existing holes. If you operate a full-scale woodworking company, chances are that you will use a boring machine in the former capacity. Without boring machines, woodworkers are left to try their luck at drilling holes with
jigs. For the hobbyist woodworker, drilling with jigs may not pose a problem. But high production woodworking businesses, having one or more industrial grade boring machines is practically essential.

Compared to jigs, commercial boring machines have two significant advantages: they drill holes in a shorter period, and they drill them with perfect accuracy. Boring-machine is a general term that applies to more than one type of machine. For full-scale woodworking, the most common types of boring-machines are drill press borers, horizontal borers, vertical borers and point-to-point borers. Before purchasing a certain borer, always make sure that its intended use will meet your boring needs.

Is It Sensible To Buy Used Boring Machines from

As with all used woodworking machinery, used wood boring-machines are purchased to save money. Unlike some industrial woodworking machines, new industrial grade borers can often be purchased at an affordable price. However, there is a wide range of borers that are considered “industrial” and their price can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. If you need the highest capacity borer available, then purchasing your borer used makes the most sense. Because industrial grade woodworking machines are built to stand up to industrial grade use, they remain in their prime for significantly longer than domestic grade woodworking machines, meaning that companies typically can get new machine quality at a used machine price. As a result, many woodworking outfits that could easily afford new machinery instead decide to buy used.
Why is it good for your business to buy used boring machines?
How Do You Assess The Quality Of Used Boring Machines?

Assessing the quality of a used borer follows the same process as assessing the quality of other used woodworking machinery. First, you should only buy from a professional seller that specializes in used woodworking machinery. Second, you should check the seller’s reputation at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If the seller has unresolved customer complaints at the BBB, choose a different seller. Third, you should ask for a copy of the borer’s official maintenance record, as a borer that hasn’t been properly maintained will probably encounter frequent repairs. Third, you should conduct a first-hand inspection of the borer to assess its wear or have a third party
conduction the inspection for you.
At will give you tips to lead you to a reputable seller that offers a reputable boring machine.