Bansko is Bulgaria’s most popular ski resort. It’s set between three mountain ranges with the ski area up at an altitude of 2000–2600 metres. The height means it gets a reliable snow cover between December and March (and if not most of the pistes are covered by snow cannons), as well as having some pretty spectacular views from the top of the slopes. Bansko is located at the most beautiful Bulgarian mountain – the Pirin. The pine forest is lovely there, you can purely relax and enjoy the surrounding environment. There is Pirin National Park pretty close to Bansko city, so whenever you fed up with skiing and slopes, you can go there and revel in.

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Bansko’s ski area has around 70km worth of pistes. It’s not a huge area by Alpine standards, but there’s a good mixture of levels, with eight blue runs, 11 reds and two blacks. The piste map shows one red run off to the right but the Tzarna Mogila lift that connects it hasn’t been running for years, so the ski area is concentrated around Bunderishka and Shiligarnika.

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