Questions that concern people interested in their health are most often related to finding quality food products at affordable prices. Nowadays, it is a pure luxury to shop at organic stores because prices are very high and sometimes some products do not match the quality.

At what price is sold the juice of the aronia, which has so many healing properties that we would hardly fit them in one article. A small part of the benefits of this fruit is facilitated digestion, trouble-free functioning of the cardiovascular system, normalization of high blood pressure, strengthening of immunity, toning the body, etc.

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Aronia juice can be found at a low price of 7.50 leva per litre in the online store of Farm Shayen, which you can visit right away by clicking on this link The juice is prepared by a special technology, which aims at preserving as much as possible all the healing properties of the aronia berry. Fruits are cold pressed and pasteurized, which means they do not undergo any heat treatment and retain their high content of vitamins and antioxidants. No sugar is added because it contains a large amount of natural sweetener called sorbitol, which guarantees a pleasant sweet taste.

Aronia juice can be ordered online from the online catalogue of Farm Shayen or with one call on 0894663102. Hurry up to take advantage of low prices because we assure you that you will feel the effect of this healing fruit as early as the first month. Consumption should be moderate. It is recommended to drink three times a day 50ml on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal. Since the aronia contains 5 times more vitamins A, C, E, P.