The cleaning industry is diverse and can largely be categorized into commercial janitorial services, specialty cleaning, laundry or dry cleaning services and residential cleaning. Irrespective of the category you choose, it’s now factual, that the cost for cleaning services in UK is expected to rise in 2017. The big question is, “why should it be so?” The answer to this is associated to the issues discussed below.

There is an increase demand and this is likely to rise further in 2017. With many people having busier lives and very limited time to carryout domestic chores, cleaning services such as laundry, carpet, window, floor, oven cleaning among other services are being left for cleaning companies. With fewer companies’ having the right tools and equipment to complete these tasks, the cost is likely to increase.

There is also the increase in the cost of detergents, cleaning tools and equipment. These cleaning costs will increase much more in 2017. In addition, most people prefer the use of eco-friendly or green detergents. These are expensive. All these costs put together are then passed down to the consumer.

The cost of living is likely to increase further in 2017. This means that professional cleaners will charge more for their services. For example during specialty cleaning of carpets and floors, cleaning company’s need to hire a professional that can handle cleaning of the various materials used in making carpets and floors. These high costs charged by experts are to be met by the consumer.

With a foreseen inflation rate increase, the amount paid on transport, energy, rent for this cleaning firms, tax rate among other areas is likely to increase. This has a direct effect on the overall costs of cleaning. It is this increased costs that will force cleaning companies to charge more for their much needed services.

In a nutshell, expect higher costs for cleaning services in the UK come the year 2017.